Welcome to The Story Lounge



Take a seat on the green velvet sofa, stacked with soft pillows.
Have a hot brew and listen to the quiet chatter of your fellow-creatives.

Here, you are not a parent, a student or an aspiring financial executive.
In this lounge, you can exhale, doodle, stare at the plants and start writing.

Talking to the others, you find out how they weave writing into their busy lives,
and you wonder if one day….

After several lessons, you realise that good writing is a magic potion of technique, a playful mindset, and lots of practice. Your new friends point out a recurring style in your stories. You wonder why you had never noticed this before.

You think to yourself while sipping a latte and nibbling on an Oreo cookie,
‘Am I a writer?’

A new person enters the lounge, with a familiar pale face and that adult frown you once wore. You pull him in and say: ‘Do you want a coffee?’

If you have any questions or inquiries,
please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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