Talia Stone
not your usual teacher


From film editor to writer

When I was old enough to hold a pen, I wrote short stories and poems. At age twelve, my parents sent in a manuscript, which was thoroughly rejected. The publisher did encourage me to continue writing.

I never stopped.

Not when I went to Film School to learn to edit, nor when I worked as a freelance editor. The writing always kept popping up.
I wrote on the back of newspapers, on torn-off pieces of magazines
and I have drawers crammed with notebooks.
So after ten years of working as a television editor, shaping other people’s stories into perfection, it was time to start creating my own.

Then I found out about a post-graduate degree in teaching creative writing.

Insert light bulb.

Sharing my love for stories with my students, while seeing them blossom into writers
is the happiest feeling possible.

Add unexpected bonus.

While I teach my students the basics of writing, they force me to stick to the core ingredients of storytelling, and they make me fall in love with words over and over again.

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