Chinese Whispers

What is Chinese whispers?

While the world went belly-up and people were quarantined, I started a special project to keep my writers creative and happy.
I set up a story premise and each writer wrote a chapter, adding to the saga, bit by bit.
The participants were so enthusiastic, that they ended up tumbling in and out of the story over the course of the last few months.
I had so many people signed up, that I decided to have 2 groups going. Even though the starting point of Ben was the same, you can imagine the 2 groups took him in a whole different direction, not knowing what the other group was doing.
On the right you can see what the writers saw when they started this project.

After several months, Manu, Malena and Veronique finished the job and wrote the final chapters.
Here is the result. You can see both group A and group B, by clicking the buttons below.

Enjoy the read!

The Story set-up

Ben Crawly is a single 35-year old high-achieving businessman, who suffered a burn-out. He quits his job, sells his flat with a huge profit, rents an old house on a beautiful lake in France and is ready to settle in and write his book. He doesn’t know yet what his book will be about but hopes to figure that out soon. Then the Corona Virus hits the world and he is forced into lock-down.

Ben is an intelligent man who now looks at himself from a new perspective, change his old ideas and even maybe do that horrible thing called yoga (which in his mind is the same as meditation). He is not afraid to mock himself and look at his ideas with a slice of wit and irony.

Ben is a man with a dry sense of humour, is a little detached and egocentric and who is not a morning person. He likes to drink and dine and has to watch his weight.

Will he write his book and finally find a better outlook on life. Will he fall in love, will he discover the odd nooks and crannies in the mystical house he has rented. Does the lake hold secrets too? Will he go down into depression? All elements for you guys to find out!

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